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Which Anaerobic Exercise Can Reduce Belly Fat?

Which Anaerobic Exercise Can Reduce Belly Fat?

Usually, when we talk about exercise, we will distinguish between aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise. We will also say that aerobic exercise is to reduce fat, and anaerobic exercise is to increase muscle. But some people say that anaerobic exercise can also reduce fat and stomach. So do you think anaerobic exercise reduces your belly fat? Let’s take a look at the fitness knowledge!


Does anaerobic exercise reduce belly fat?

Some anaerobic exercises can also reduce stomach. The energy consumption of anaerobic exercise also comes from the reserves in the body. When you have an energy deficit and mobilize fat, you can gradually reduce the accumulation of body fat. Moreover, the human body is not only anaerobic exercise and aerobic exercise. , Even if you are not exercising, you will consume a lot of calories every day. Therefore, as long as it is through a reasonable amount of exercise, it can reduce fat.

Anaerobic Exercise Can Reduce Belly Fat

What are the anaerobic exercises that can reduce your belly fat?

1. Front panel
Push-up posture, put your arms on the ground, bend your elbows, just below your arms, put the weight on your forearms, your body is in a straight line from the shoulders to the ankles, the core muscles are supported, the abdominal muscles are tight, and the posture is maintained for 30 seconds, or Prolong appropriately while breathing deeply (the time of persistence can slowly accumulate to 30 seconds, but you can continue to do it after a 5-second rest)

2. Side plate type
Support the ground with one hand, place the other hand on the waist, tighten the core muscles, contract the abdominal muscles, raise the buttocks, straighten the body, and take a deep breath during the action. The time is the same as the above, and the two hands take turns.

3. Sit-ups
It can effectively exercise the abdominal muscles, but the lower back is constantly but bent. Larger amplitudes will cause spine problems. You can use moderate amounts. The best practice is to do abdominal crunching, which means doing sit-ups and not lying down completely, relying on the strength of your abdomen to support yourself, and then get up. A group of 20 to 30, rest for 40 seconds, and then continue, strive for more than 3 groups, usually when you feel that the abdominal muscles are too tight, and the feeling of tiredness stops. You can borrow the power of your hand at the beginning.


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