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6 Misunderstandings In Sports Weight Loss You Need To Know

6 Misunderstandings In Sports Weight Loss You Need To Know

1. Running calves will become thicker
Under normal circumstances, running consumes fat and exercises your legs to make them curvier without making your legs thicker. So why do some people feel that their legs are thick after running for a long time? There are three main factors. First, your legs are not thickened, but your legs are congested when running, making you feel your legs are thick; second, running tricks are wrong; third, your legs may be muscular, and running too fast makes you Leg muscles increase and look thicker.


2. The more you sweat, the more effective exercise
It is a very unscientific measure to measure the results of exercise weight loss with the amount of sweat. Perspiration removes heat and a lot of water and electrolytes. The difference in weight before and after sweating is mainly due to the body losing a lot of water. The result of exercise to lose weight is not based on how much sweating is used, mainly to see how much fat is converted into calories during exercise. During exercise, the more fat you consume, the better your fat-burning results, not the more you sweat, the better.


3. Strength training does not lose weight
Many people think that strength training can only build muscle and not lose weight. This understanding is biased. Directly, muscle training is actually a serious content of weight loss. When the muscle mass increases, the metabolism will go up and you will burn more calories to lose weight. Second, strength training can only burn fat. On the one hand, low- and medium-intensity strength training is mainly based on fat supply, which can burn a lot of fat and reduce the body fat rate. On the other hand, strength training can exercise muscles and bones, increase the body’s lean weight, reduce body fat, and achieve satisfactory weight loss results.


4. Do some exercise where you want to lose weight
Weight loss results with only part of the exercise are not clear. All part of the weight loss exercise should be based on the basic exercise foundation of the whole body. Human fat is distributed throughout the body, and exercise also consumes body fat, not just fat in one part. But some exercises can build muscles in certain areas, making people more fit. Therefore, some sports are also very desirable.

Exercise to lose weight is generally a coup that works quickly in the short term, but you should not follow it blindly. It is recommended that you make a detailed understanding of any coup before you choose to lose weight. To good weight loss results, it may also cause some unwanted damage to itself.


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