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What Should I Pay Attention To When Losing Weight?

What Should I Pay Attention To When Losing Weight?

First, strength training must be done
According to the survey, it is found that the fat-reducing effect of an hour of aerobic dance is not as good as half-hour weight training. This is mainly because our muscles have a faster metabolism. If you want your body to burn more calories, you need to increase your body fat and muscle ratio. We have two days a week to go to the gym for weight training, or we have to get into the habit of lifting dumbbells every day. This can make our body muscles stronger and also promote better consumption of our fat.


The second type, keep exercise time for more than 30 minutes
From a health perspective, the effect of promoting health can be achieved after each exercise for more than ten minutes. But if you want to lose weight, ten minutes of exercise is very small. Only ten minutes of exercise time is very low for our calorie consumption. Therefore, you must keep at least 30 minutes while exercising, and keep your heart rate above 55%. In this way, glycogen in our muscles and liver can be consumed, so that our fat can be consumed greatly.


Third, exercise should be concise and feasible
When you are determined to lose weight, you need to find an exercise method that suits you. This exercise method should be simple and effective. Because losing weight is a physical task, not a technical one, when choosing a weight loss exercise, you must be concise and easy to implement. If it is too difficult to lose weight, many people may not persist. Recommend a few simple weight loss exercises, in-situ high leg exercise, sit-up exercise, butterfly twist exercise and so on. We can refer to the exercise methods of fitness bloggers online.


Fourth, sports must be diversified
No matter which type of weight loss exercise we choose, we will encounter a plateau after a certain period of time. Because if we engage in the same exercise for a long time, our body will slowly adapt to this exercise. After adapting, this exercise will not bring too much weight loss to our body. So when choosing sports, we have to choose a variety of sports for ourselves. Based on the choice of exercise, strength training more than three times a week can improve our muscle’s metabolic rate and thus better help our other weight loss effects.

The above is the exercise method for weight loss. Of course, in the process of losing weight, you should understand your physical fitness, so as to choose the exercise that suits you.



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