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Why Must We Lose Weight For Three Months?

Why Must We Lose Weight For Three Months?

“Three days of fishing, two days of drying the net”, we often use to describe people who do not have the willpower to do things. This way of doing things will not only fail but also develop inertia. When talking about weight loss, we often say that weight loss must last for three months. However, three months is not long, and short is not short. The occasional indulgence may occasionally ruin the previous weight loss results. Today, let’s talk about why we must insist on losing weight for three months?

Why must we lose weight for three months?
1. The fat cell renewal cycle of the human body is 90-180 days
The cycle of renewal of our body cells is 90-180 days. New cells are naturally produced every day, and cells also die out naturally. Fat is an indispensable part of human tissues. The body produces new fat cells every year to replace those natural deaths. Cells, it shows that our body strictly controls the number of fat cells. Therefore, your fat is actually a part of body tissue, and it will not disappear due to external force or passive movement.

Keeping it for three months can refresh the body’s fat cells.

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2.the body will have “memory”
The body also has a memory of the body shape. When the body’s fat cells rapidly decline, the body will automatically activate a protective system to prevent the rapid loss of fat, which will reduce the rate of abnormal fat consumption by the body. This is what many people eat less daily, but their appetite Not strong! If you eat less but lose weight, you may even see that when you eat a little more for a few days, the fat formed by the body will first accumulate in the part that was originally subtracted, especially in the waist and abdomen, and you are fat again.
This is why we gain weight so easily!

3. Take three months to remember your body shape
Therefore, after losing the standard weight, we need to spend another 3 months to consolidate your body to remember your current body type. Many people who have used weight loss pills, dieters or people with diseases have these people. The first month of weight loss is very difficult to lose weight, if you do not have a weight loss plan for 90-180 days is very difficult to reduce. What’s more important is that this process of weight loss forms the basis of the body’s fat cell memory, so your weight will not easily rebound. Therefore, if you are planning to start a beautiful plan, a “sou” change plan, please really give yourself a long-term plan of “90-180” days.


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