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Proper Exercise Can Reduce Blood Pressure.

Proper Exercise Can Reduce Blood Pressure.

Hypertension is a systemic disease with a persistent increase in arterial blood pressure caused by arterial atherosclerosis, which is also called primary hypertension. It differs from the symptoms of hypertension secondary to other diseases such as nephritis. The main symptom of hypertension is a continuous increase in arterial blood pressure, accompanied by the manifestation of different degrees of organ damage.


In particular, it should be pointed out that not all types of hypertension are suitable for exercise. Exercise therapy is mainly suitable for stage Ⅰ and Ⅱ hypertension. Among them, drug treatment is the main method for stage Ⅱ hypertension, supplemented by sports rehabilitation. Participation in rehabilitation exercise for patients with stage III hypertension depends on the specific situation. Patients with unstable symptoms and severe complications are not suitable to participate in the exercise. Patients with hypertension should undergo a physical examination before participating in exercise and follow the doctor’s recommendations. Symptomatic hypertension caused by various diseases is generally not suitable for treatment by physical rehabilitation.


There are many exercise methods that can be used for hypertension. The general principle is to choose non-confrontational items of medium and low intensity.


a man is running

1. Walking: The speed at the beginning is 70-90 steps per minute (about 3-4KM per hour), which lasts for more than 10 minutes. It can adapt to walking on the slope or speed up.


2. Fitness run: This method can be used by people who have a certain exercise basis, but a physical examination should be performed before the exercise, especially an exercise test. Relax when running, master your rhythm and match your breathing. The speed should not be too fast. Generally, the heart during exercise should not exceed 130 beats/min. After exercise, dizziness, palpitation and obvious fatigue will not occur.


3. Swimming, cycling; basic requirements for running with fitness.


4. Taijiquan and Taiji Sword: The movement of Taiji is soft, the muscles are relaxed and the range of motion is large. In addition, when you are practicing Taiji, you must have a quiet mind. These are all good for reducing blood pressure.



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