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Can I Lose Weight By Doing Exercise At Home At Night, And How To Do It Most Effectively?

Can I Lose Weight By Doing Exercise At Home At Night, And How To Do It Most Effectively?

You can lose weight by doing exercise at home at night, as long as the exercise time is more than an hour, and long-term adherence will have the effect of weight loss. Because it is evening and at home, it is recommended to practice yoga to lose weight. Because it is not suitable to exercise before going to bed, which will affect the quality of sleep. But yoga is a relatively gentle exercise, even if you do it before bedtime. Let ’s take a look at some practices of yoga.

Kneel on the bed, keeping your arms and thighs vertical. Exhale, bend your right leg forward, spine up, lower your head, and try to keep your nose close to your knees. maintain
In this position, hold your breath for 6 seconds. Inhale, lift your right leg upwards, bend your knees, raise your head, stretch your feet forward, with your toes facing your head. The spine arches downward. Hold this position for 6 seconds. Repeat 3 times. Change legs three more times.
Efficacy: Balance the nervous system, enhance the body’s control and balance, and make the leg muscles longer.

A woman doing yoga at home
Lie on your back with your knees bent, your heels close to your hips, and grab your ankles with both hands. Inhale, lift your back with both feet and head and chest together. Hold your breath for 6 seconds and keep your head up. Exhale slowly lower your legs, chest, head, and return to the starting position. Then relax. Practice for 5 rounds.
Efficacy: It is beneficial to the spine and lumbar joints, and the abdominal muscles and internal organs are massaged.

Standing bow
Stand in a standing position with your left leg straight, your right leg bent, and lifted off the floor. Your right arm should point straight up. Hold your right foot with your right hand. Eyes look forward, leaning forward.
The above yoga practices can be tried while losing weight, and have many benefits to the body. During the practice, try to maintain a relaxed and happy mentality, don’t overeat, and don’t drink too much water. It is best to practice yoga in a well-ventilated room, as far as possible from furniture to avoid injury.


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