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3 Ways To Exercise Abdominal Muscles To Help Boys Have Abdominal Muscles

3 Ways To Exercise Abdominal Muscles To Help Boys Have Abdominal Muscles

The abdomen is the part where the body fat accumulates most easily, and it is also the part that is more difficult to practice. Some people make hundreds of sit-ups every day, but the effect is not obvious. The reason is that the abdominal muscles are covered with a thick layer of fat. If you do not exercise properly, you will only exercise the muscles below the fat, but the fat will not be fully burned. Here are three exercises:


1. Sit-ups: Lie flat on your back with your calf resting on a bench and use your abdominal muscles to make your upper body sit up. Do not stretch your head too far forward to touch your legs when doing the action, so that your back will leave the ground and your buttocks will share the work that should be performed by the abdominal muscles. When returning, the shoulders slowly dropped to the ground, and the abdominal muscles were always tight. Many people like to put their hands behind their heads when doing this exercise, but when they sit up, they only pull their heads forward, which is not good for abdominal muscles. The situation is not the same as placing your fists on your chest.

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2. Sit-ups: This is an advanced exercise that can practice both the upper and lower abdomen. Lie on your back with your right leg bent and your calf parallel to the ground. Then put your left foot on your right knee, gently support your head with both hands, and contract your abdominal muscles to pick up your upper body. Raise your hips at the same time, doing sit-ups. When restoring, the shoulders cannot touch the ground, and the hips are slowly lowered so that the abdominal muscles always maintain a tense contraction. After doing this, change the left leg and do the same.


3, sit-ups: exercise the external oblique muscles. Lie on your back with your legs bent down and your sides together. The arm on the side of the leg is stretched out flat. Spread your fingers. Bend your elbow in the other arm and gently rest your head on your head. When you sit up, do not rotate your torso, lift it directly, and move your legs. The abdominal crouching is completely tightened, and the shoulders should not touch the ground when restored. Then do the same on the other side.
Practicing abdominal muscles is very difficult, requires a high concentration of spirit, and has the willpower to break through the limits of the body. When your body can’t bear it, you have to clench your teeth to keep your abdominal muscles well.

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