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The Right Way To Lose Weight By Jogging(2)

The Right Way To Lose Weight By Jogging

Running weight loss method can play a very good effect, so if you want to effectively run to lose weight, you should pay attention to it when running …

Running weight loss method [3 Do not] Principle 1: Do not run every day
Although jogging is good for keeping fit and losing weight, experts don’t recommend running every day, it’s best to run every other day. As for the day when you don’t run in the middle, you can do stretching exercises to increase the flexibility of the whole body. This is very important. It is the key to ensure the smooth metabolism of the whole body, especially to prevent the accumulation of fat and water on the limbs.

Many people lose weight by jogging

Running weight loss method [3 Do not] Principle 2: Do not run fast
Don’t think that the faster you run, the more fat will burn. The situation is just the opposite. When you run fast, there is insufficient oxygen supply in the body, the body is doing anaerobic exercise, and fat cannot participate fully in burning, so it cannot be consumed. Aerobic exercise with a relatively low intensity of exercise can actually promote your body. Fat burning. So, how do you judge whether your current running intensity is aerobic or anaerobic? The simplest way is that if you feel out of breath when you run, it means that your body is performing anaerobic exercise; if you breathe while running It is evenly coordinated, and you can even run while chatting with the people around you without feeling breathing disorder, which means that you are doing aerobic exercise that can best promote fat burning.


Running weight loss method [3 Don’t] Principle 3: Don’t run for only 20 minutes
Theoretically, under the premise of sufficient warm-up, when jogging for 20 minutes, fast energy consumption is almost the same. When the reserve energy fat starts to mobilize and burn, if you stop exercising at this time, you will not achieve the goal of slimming. Therefore, if you want to lose weight by running, you must run for at least 20 minutes. 40 minutes is the recommended running time recommended by experts.



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