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Lose A Pound A Day Thanks To This Super Accurate Skipping Rope

 Lose A Pound A Day Thanks To This Super Accurate Skipping  Rope

Rope skipping is a very good exercise to lose weight, so how do we usually lose weight? The following editor will introduce you to the correct rope skipping method to help everyone quickly achieve the purpose of weight loss, then take a look at us What should I do?

Perfect skipping plan to improve weight loss
How fast can the fat be thrown away? In addition to being diligent in the limbs, the brain must be better-turn! Although the fat burning effect of skipping rope is extraordinary, the perfect plan can double its weight loss.

The correct way to skip rope
1. Jump and land with your forefoot. Remember not to land on the whole foot or heel to avoid brain vibration. When jumping in the air, do not bend your body excessively, and become a naturally bent posture. When you jump, breathe naturally and rhythmically.

2. Hold the handles at both ends of the rope with two hands, and usually step on the middle of the rope with one foot. Lift your elbows flat with your arms bent, and the rope will be straightened to a suitable length.

a girl is Skipping rope
3. When rocking forward, the big arms are close to the sides of the body, the elbows are slightly abducted, the upper arms are approximately horizontal, and the wrists are used to force the two hands to make circular motions on the body sides.

4, to practice step by step, the speed and length of skipping rope should be determined according to personal circumstances. Start with 5-10 minutes each time, then gradually extend the time.

5. The time of skipping rope is generally not limited but avoid bowing | discomfort. Do not skip rope within half an hour before and after meals. And do not drink a lot of water before skipping.

6. Don’t stop immediately after the rope skipping exercise, you should continue to skip rope or walk for a relatively slow speed, so that the blood circulation can return to normal before stopping. After that, remember to do some stretching and gentle movements to end the exercise.



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