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Can I Lose Weight By Exercising For Ten Minutes?

Can I Lose Weight By Exercising For Ten Minutes?

Exercise fitness to lose weight is very effective, but it is only useful to achieve a certain amount of exercise. Generally, exercise weight loss must not be less than 30 minutes, generally, exercise for more than one hour is the best.


Can I lose weight by exercising for ten minutes?

Ten minutes is just a warm-up exercise. For muscle shaping, you can choose an anaerobic exercise for ten minutes, but you should choose a longer time to lose weight. Exercise for 30 minutes a day to lose weight is the best because fat starts to burn after 30 minutes. However, exercise time should not be too long. If the time is too long, the body will adjust each to adapt to high-intensity exercises, such as feeling hunger and increasing diet, so exercise is wasted. The basic metabolic consumption accounts for 60%, and the remaining 10% is the consumption of food thermal effects. Exercise is the most reasonable and healthiest way to lose fat. According to common sense, one hour is the best and should not be too long, so ten minutes is relatively short. Weight loss requires exercise plus exercise. Weight loss is not only about exercise, but also pay attention to diet. Exercise 3 points and eat 7 points. Of course, it is not a diet, but to develop reasonable and healthy eating habits, not overeating.

Lose Weight By Exercising For Ten Minutes

How many calories do you need to lose a pound of weight?

Some data show that if you want to lose a pound of fat, the average person needs to consume about 3,500 calories. Therefore, it also means that the average person will gain a pound of fat as long as they consume 3,500 calories.
The calories consumed by the human body = the basic calories needed for basic metabolism of the human body + the calories needed for physical activity + the calories needed for digesting food.


Among the calories consumed by the human body, the most important thing is the basic human body metabolism, which is relatively stable at a certain age. The three parts behind the middle number of the formula consume calories, and the most capable of autonomously controlling changes is the calories required for physical activity. Therefore, to increase calorie consumption to improve weight loss, it is necessary to improve basal metabolism and increase physical activity. The best way to improve basal metabolism is exercise, and the best way to increase physical activity is exercise. It can also be combined with detoxification and slimming tea. To lose weight 100% as quickly as possible, exercise is a must for weight loss.


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