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Some Disadvantages Of Girls In Weight Training.

Some Disadvantages Of Girls In Weight Training.

Girls’ sports are no longer yoga, dancing, Pilates, and treadmills! With the prevalence of fitness, most girls began to walk into the gym. They pursued health and strength and began to fall in love with ironing and lifting barbells just like boys. Today we want to talk to you about some disadvantages of girls in weight training!


1. Can girls become stronger and stronger?

I believe many people’s impression is that girls seem to be inferior to boys no matter how they practice. It is true that the strong muscles of girls are inherently more difficult to develop than men. For example, if they are also Olympic weightlifters (same level), it is impossible for girls to lift heavier than boys!

Although women may be somewhat weaker in terms of innate strength, through training, you can see them gradually growing and even stronger than ordinary men. You can see that many girls and girls still pull up as simple as eating!

Some Disadvantages Of Girls In Weight Training.

2. Many women have very good mobility in body joints, but they lack the ability to control the body.

Most girls have good flexibility and mobility, which will make you less obstructive in learning and training movements! But relatively speaking, the stability will be insufficient!
Compared with boys, women may need to spend more time learning to control their bodies, and this is also a major focus of training.


3. Women lack the ability to maintain muscle tension.

Many women have the problem of not being able to maintain muscle tension, and the feeling of exerting force is not easy to catch, especially in the upper body.
I believe that many girls are less likely to grasp the muscles during upper limb training. This is very common in modern society where the whole people lack exercise. Compared with boys, they have to work harder to do better!


4. Most girls have poor core stability!

Although Pilates is so popular in the field of female fitness, many people are still ambiguous about how to activate the core muscles and use their ability to tighten and stabilize the body. This is a difficult problem to solve. Especially during heavy training, you need to have the ability to activate your core muscles to protect yourself from injury.
It is recommended that women reduce training only for the abdominal muscles, increase systemic training movements, and give full play to the ability of core muscle stability. This can shorten the overall training time, but the intensity can gradually increase.


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