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Shapewear became welcomed, Kim Kardashian’s own corset brand has been criticized.

Shapewear became welcomed, Kim Kardashian’s own corset brand has been criticized..

As consumer interest in corsets soars, traditional brands are preparing for their new rival Kim Kardashian West, the US supernet, which launched its corset brand “Kimono” (kimono) However, because its brand name has been criticized and accused by Japanese netizens, despite her influence on social media and her growing portfolio, she can still get a cup of this $83 billion industry. soup.

In the US market, the best brands of body sculpting brands are dominated by iconic brands such as SPANX, Maidenform, Miraclesuit, and Wacoal. But in addition to Kim Kardashian, there has been a wave of new brand waves in recent years, subverting the market dominated by traditional brands.

Although traditional black and neutral colors are still the mainstream color of online underwear sales, like beauty and underwear, corsets also need size and color tolerance. For example, the tight-fitting brand Heist Studios launched the Nude Project in 2017, which collected photos of women’s skins from around the world and developed nude colors in seven shades, covering more than 1,000 unique skin tones. Kim Kardashian also announced that its products will offer nine nude shades.

In addition, as consumer demand for large corsets continues to grow, Kim Kardashian also sets the size range of his corsets in the XXS – 4XL range, which is more than the XS-3XL range of the traditional lingerie brand SPEX. Bigger. And she also designed asymmetrical plastic pants that can be worn under a single-sided skirt.

Subvert the tradition, expand the product line
There is no uniform classification for the styles of corsets, retailers, and brands. In the United States, more than 70% of body shaping underwear is in the underwear category, while the rest are socks, tops, bottoms, jumpsuits, swimwear or dresses. Many online retailers sell a wide range of products based on their body area on their website, and some also list products of different styles or materials.

At present, the body shaping underwear manufacturers in the United States are shifting from classic styles to styles that are more suitable for everyday wear. The “bicycle shorts” fired by the Kardashian sisters set off a boom in fashion, with sales up 43% year-on-year, in addition to belts and girdles, etc. However, in traditional body sculpting Among underwear brands, their market share is still small.



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