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Kim Kardashian wears shapewear, people comment funny (1)

Kim Kardashian wears shapewear, people comment:

Where did her waist and internal organs go?

On the evening of May 6th, US time, the entire fashion circle is looking forward to the Met Gala

(Metro Art Museum Spring Special Charity Dinner), the fashion world Oscar is held in New York.

I don’t know if I don’t know, this event, the admission fee is as high as 200,000 RMB…

As one of the guests, Jin Kadaishan, a sister of the US traffic industry, immediately became the headline of the night.

The reason is… or because of the wearing of Jin Dajie that day, she wears a nude-colored tight-fitting skirt, which shows her ant waist and hourglass-like figure to the extreme.

This piece of clothing is tailor-made for Kim Kardashian and was designed for the first time in 20 years after Thierry Mugler retired. This dress shows off her incredible waistline and beautiful buttocks. Nude, latex belt waist, pleats, and buckle design just highlight the figure.

In order to match her bright hair and smooth skin, the teardrop jewelry on the clothes creates the effect of a waterfall of water droplets, so that Kim Kardashian is still just the mermaid just out of the water…


Jinka Dyshan, who was accompanied by her husband that night, looked very good. The grandfather who was absent last year stood next to Kim and changed his bodyguard.

Regardless of the theme, Grandpa loves to wear 啥, such as a jacket for only $40, and can also buy the same paragraph in the US supermarket chain Target.


MetGala changes the theme every year, and this year’s theme “Camp” has “breaking the limit” and exaggerating meaning.

It seems that it is not Jinka Dyshan’s clothes that put her on the headlines. What is the reason?


It was her small, outrageous waistline.

After the netizens saw her photo, they stunned: How could this waist exist? ? 


“Gold really puts his waist down at home.”

Some netizens can’t guess where she put her internal organs.

“Where did Kim Kardashian put her internal organs all night? Because from the perspective of human body structure, I don’t understand how she might wear this dress.”

“First, this style is not something I can imagine. Where did the second Kim Kardashian’s internal organs go?”



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