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Kim Kardashian wear shapewear, people comment funny (2)

Kim Kardashian wears shapewear, people comment:

Where did her waist and internal organs go?

“If you are familiar with me, you know that I am a hardcore fan of gold, but what happened to her waist?” This is a sonic corset or something, which is beyond my knowledge. ”

Some netizens started not to believe their eyes.

“Is her waist small, or her hips are very large, is this an illusion?? After watching her real person, I really think her ass is too big and too heavy.”

Later, it became a netizen who felt that Jinka Dyshan’s body looked abnormal and unhealthy.


“Looking at the body of Kim Kardashian, I am shuddering. Her waist is as small as a baby and looks unhealthy.”


“As a vegetarian, I am sure that vegetarianism is the healthiest and beneficial way of life. But this is not the way to get a body like Kim Kardashian. Please don’t be stupid. We all know how she got it. Her figure”

Some netizens are beginning to worry, will this have a bad influence on girls?


“Goldika Dyshan is like this. It will really be a bad example of a girl’s imitation. She used to look better and more curved. This photo is too unreal and toxic to social media. People should cherish their own nature. Look, be true to yourself.”


“Golden Kayshan’s waist is getting smaller and smaller. It’s getting smaller on Met Gala every year. Really, seeing the “changes” of these stars, no wonder the girls are so concerned about the body now.”


“Remind those women who are in line with Kim Kardashian, your body will not naturally grow like gold. Kim is very beautiful, I support you to have absolute freedom for your body, but please do not reach the social aesthetics Standard is shameful.”

And some netizens are blond, and feel that other satirical people are too busy.


“First, why is Kim’s body offensive to anyone? Would you laugh at a 400-pound person? Would you say that people are disgusting and ask others to do bariatric surgery? No, you won’t. Just as you shouldn’t say gold card Daishan is disgusting or she should be ashamed of her surgery. As long as she is happy, what about you?”

Seeing that the online war of words was getting worse, Kim’s personal fitness coach Melissa Alcantara couldn’t stand it and jumped out to help Kim Kardashian clarify.


First, this dress is a tight corset.

Second, Kim is practicing hips for 6 days a week. She works early every morning and is very hardworking.

Third, I gave her directions, but she did it herself, and I would like to praise her anyway.

Most importantly, I don’t care about your evaluation of her body or that you think she is fake. I see her every morning, I watch her exercise, I see her sweat, I see her efforts outside the gym, it is worthy of praise.

According to news reports, Kim Kardashian responded to her coach’s remarks, but then deleted it.




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