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Kim Kardashian Is Changing the Name of Her Shapewear Line After Controversy

Kim Kardashian Is Changing the Name of Her Shapewear Line After Controversy.

Last week when Kim Kardashian West announced her new shapewear line, Kimono by Kim Kardashian West, the announcement was quickly overshadowed by outrage as many people called out the mogul for appropriating Japanese culture. Well, Kim listened, and today, July 1, she announced that she’ll be changing the name of the collection.

In an Instagram posted Monday morning, Kim explained that much of her success is due to her close relationship with her fans and learning from the various perspectives, which is what led her to change the name. “When I announced the name of my shapewear line, I did so with the best intentions in mind,” she continued in the post. “My brands and products are built with inclusivity and diversity at their core and after careful thought and consideration, I will be launching my Solutionwear brand under a new name. I will be in touch soon. Thank you for your understanding and support always.” At the time of writing, Kimono’s official site has been shut down.

Kimono was a playful take on Kim’s name, but it didn’t sit well with many fans, especially since her shapewear had nothing to do with the traditional Japanese garment.

“Dear @KimKardashian Kimono is the precious culture that means so much to us than you think. This is Kimono that our heart belongs to. You disrespect not only us but our Japanese ancestors who preserved kimonos today. Reconsider the name, please. #KimOhNo #Kimono,” one Twitter user wrote following Kim’s Kimono announcement last week.


Another Twitter user urged the mogul to reconsider the name, writing, “Nice underwear, but as a Japanese woman who loves to wear our traditional dress, kimono, I find the naming of your products baffling (since it has no resemblance to kimono), if not outright culturally offensive, especially if it’s merely a wordplay on your name. Pls, reconsider.”


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Kim launched Kimono after struggling to find shapewear that supported all types of silhouettes, including thigh-high skirts and dresses. “I’ve been passionate about this for 15 years. Kimono is my take on shapewear and solutions for women that actually work,” she explained in the initial Instagram post announcing the news. “I would always cut up my shapewear to make my own styles, and there have also been so many times I couldn’t find a shapewear color that blended with my skin tone so we needed a solution for all of this.”



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