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How do we do the right fitness?

How do we do the right fitness?


In fact, fitness is really easier said than done. There are many people who want to go to fitness, but they have not had the courage to take that step or friends who are already exercising, but they have not mastered the correct method! Today I will tell you, how do we do the right fitness?


1. Planned training


Fitness is definitely not blind training, we must use a planned training! Therefore, we must make a detailed training schedule before fitness, so that we can have a goal, a direction, and better progress!


What part of the training today? What parts will be trained tomorrow? What exercises should be used for each part? We must make careful and detailed arrangements for these, so as to achieve the best training effect!



2. The normative nature of the action


When I was working out in the gym, I saw that many friends did not do their movements so correctly. In fact, this would not only cause physical injury but also greatly reduce the effect of our efforts. This is not worth the loss!


Therefore, we should pay attention to the standardization of exercises when exercising. We must be slow when doing exercises. We must find the correct feeling and position of the force, and make every movement in place, so as to give the muscles sufficient stimulation!






3. Don’t forget to rest


Fitness is a process of destroying muscle fibers. Rest is a process of repairing muscle fibers. Destruction and repair are equally important. Therefore, we must not only practice but also rest. It is best to take a rest once every three days. This can make the muscles stronger, good recovery.


At the same time, the rest time every night is also very important. We must fall asleep and sleep soundly because the muscles are repaired at the fastest speed at night. Only seven or eight hours of sleep each night can the body recover better!



4. You must pay attention to your diet


In fact, fitness is eating and practicing, plus asleep! If you want to build a good figure and build big muscles, you must be careful about your diet, eat less oil, eat more high protein, and eat fresh vegetables, fruits, and high-protein meats every day!


At the same time, within half an hour of fitness, you need to replenish carbohydrates and protein in time, which can help our muscles rebuild faster, allow us to achieve better fitness results, and let our efforts be rewarded!



In fact, the most important thing for fitness is the correct way. If the fitness method is not correct, then you will be easily injured and you will not get the desired effect, so we must do the right fitness!


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