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5 effective weight loss exercises for obese people

5 effective weight loss exercises for obese people


Obesity is undoubtedly the most worrying problem for modern people, especially women, which is one of the most troublesome problems. The following 5 effective weight loss exercises for obese people.


1.Rope skipping “double shake”

Doing 200 skipping exercises can tighten the muscles of the whole body, consume your fat better, and achieve the purpose of body shaping. When you jump with the rope, the rope passes through your feet twice quickly. This is called “double rocking”. This is more difficult than normal rope skipping, but it is also the best jumping method that consumes fat quickly. This jumping method can effectively burn 26 calories of fat in one minute, and it can tighten your whole body muscles, exercise endurance, and increase strength.


2.Eight-shaped feet on a treadmill

There are relevant studies that show that if the posture of running steps is accurate, you will consume 60 calories in 30 minutes. Incorrect posture can only make you consume fat lower than this number.


When running, keep your feet in the “Outer Bazi” state. This running posture will make you more stable when running, and at the same time increase the resistance during running, that is to say, you consume more calories than you at the same time. Use normal running posture to consume more. Choosing to run in the morning is easier to consume fat.


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3.Hold on for one more minute

In fact, this sentence is what I say the most when exercising. It may be difficult for you at the beginning, but as your exercise volume increases, this is not a difficult thing. Sometimes you even think more. Do a little or challenge a more difficult exercise posture.



You can wear sandbags on your feet or hands and walk quickly so that you can burn 10% more calories. For safety reasons, the weight cannot exceed 20% of body weight. Otherwise, the hands and feet are easily hurt.


5.A reverse movement that cannot be ignored

It means swinging both hands in different directions and then drawing the arms straight backward like a wheel. In fact, this action ultimately benefits the chest because it accurately mobilizes the back muscles rather than the biceps. It takes more than half an hour to burn fat, and the more the arms are stretched behind the head, the more muscles will be stretched.


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