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How To Get Slim Body At Home?Wearing A Waist Trainer Can Help

How To Get Slim Body At Home?Wearing A Waist Trainer Can Help

In exchange for a slim waist and flat belly, many people spend a lot of money in the gym. Some of them have obvious results, while others have made little progress. The key point is the lack of work on the word “persistence.” Here we have prepared a set of home abdominal exercises for you to do on your own without going to the gym.


First, bend the legs and abdomen
Main exercise area: lower abdominal muscles
Keep your upper body still, keep your hands on both sides of your body, bend your legs and abdomen. When the legs are down, straighten your legs, but keep your feet away from the ground. Control with your abdomen, 15 in each group, 3 groups in total, rest for 30-40 seconds.

Elle Michelle Dozois, the coach of the Latin America Department of Bedolas who designed this sport, said: Each beat of the exercise will bring your belly button closer to the center, which will make your lower abdomen flatter. Doing it 3 times a week and every other day can help you reduce your belly.


Second, toes touch the ground
A, lying down
The thigh is bent at a right angle of 90 degrees, and the calf is parallel to the ground. Put your hands flat on the sides of your body with your palms facing down. Tighten your upper body and your back against the floor.

B. Inhale
 Lower your left leg in two parts, starting with your hips only, and your toes rush down (the toes cannot really land). Exhale, return the leg to the starting position in two parts, then change the right leg to do the same. Do this alternately with your legs, 12 times per leg.


Third, household chores
Remember an important rule: Avoid the lightest.
Perhaps you were a little lazy. Be a hardworking Cinderella from today. Remember an important rule: Avoid the lightest. For example, do n’t use a vacuum cleaner when sweeping the floor. Use rags and brooms to increase your exercise volume consciously. Choosing to do laundry and ironing at high temperatures will cause you to sweat; you ’ll be hungry for a delicate meal At lunch, the “chef” is generally unwilling to eat their own meals, just to control your appetite.

How To Get Slim Body At Home?- doing push ups

Four, supine alternative method
Main exercise area: lateral abdominal muscles
Put your hands behind the neck, bend your legs, and then alternately kick out your legs. The kicked legs are at a certain distance from the ground, but not too high, your feet should not touch the ground, and then the other side. Place your elbows on one side as close as possible to the knee joints on the other. Control with lateral abs. Each leg was kicked 15 times in 3 groups.

It is very popular to wear umbilical trousers, slings, etc. If you can’t enjoy these charming costumes because you don’t have a flat belly, it will be a shame. Maybe you don’t want to step into gyms and beauty salons because of your shyness. Take a look at these happy, “environmental”, simple abdomen tricks.





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