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How Exercise Improves Mood? Here Are Some Suggestions

How Exercise Improves Mood? Here Are Some Suggestions

In modern society, people ’s pressure is constantly increasing. If you do n’t understand how to reduce stress, emotions will naturally be affected. Exercise is undoubtedly a good way to improve your mood. Of course, you must pay attention to choosing the right exercise method so that the effect is better Next, let’s find out what exercise can effectively improve mood.


First, practice yoga: more confident.
Yoga is a popular form of exercise now, and it can make you more confident. A study found that yoga for 1 hour 3 times a week can increase the level of neurotransmitters in the body, relieve anxiety and make people confident. Practice for 10 minutes at home every day. Yoga novices should learn to breathe properly: Inhale slowly with your nose for 5 seconds and hold for 2 seconds. Exhale slowly with your nose for 5 seconds to completely expel air from your lungs.


2. Pilates: Sleep soundly.
Pilates exercise can help improve sleep and make you sleep more sweetly. A study by Appalachian State University found that practicing Pilates can help relax and improve sleep. New York Pilates expert Alisi Ugaro suggests that practicing 3 times a week for 1 hour each can significantly improve sleep.


3. Bicycle: Add energy.
Cycling is a type of exercise recommended by many fitness experts. The University of Georgia study found that after 30 minutes of cycling, the athlete will feel more energetic. Bike training instructor Rick Mayo suggests cycling at a moderate or slow speed three times a week for 15 minutes each.

How Exercise Improves Mood?-cycling around the mountain

Fourth, lift dumbbells: clear thinking.
Lifting dumbbells is a simple exercise method that can help us clear our minds effectively. A study found that participants performed low-intensity weightlifting exercises 3-5 times a week, and their cognitive ability improved significantly after one month. Experts suggest that you should lift dumbbells 3 times a week, and the best weight is 1.4-1.8 kg.


V. Playing Tai Chi: Reduce stress.
A number of studies published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine and the Journal of the American Medical Association show that Taijiquan not only requires coordination of limbs and body, flexible movements, and rhythm of breathing, but also requires a high concentration of mind, eliminates distractions, and is good for regulating the central nervous system, And then relieve stress. Practice Tai Chi for 20 minutes a day for the best decompression.

Exercise can not only help people effectively reduce the stress of life and work, but also improve people’s emotions. If you feel that you are overwhelmed by work, try these methods. Of course, you can choose one that I like.



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