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Four Fat Burning Outdoor Sports For Women

Four Fat Burning Outdoor Sports For Women

Skating is very helpful for the training of coordination ability.
Suitable for the crowd: There is no age limit, but it is recommended that you learn as soon as possible if you don’t currently.
Sports effect: It helps to exercise the coordination ability of the body. Physically, it can make your leg muscles stronger and more elastic. At the same time, skating is a large amount of exercise, it will also increase your lung capacity.
Fat burning value: 420 calories/hour.


No sport is more popular than jogging and walking. It doesn’t require much investment, but it can have great benefits.
Exercise effect: It has great benefits for the heart and blood circulation system. Maintaining a certain amount of exercise every day (more than 30 minutes) will be beneficial to weight loss. A good way is to run and combine.
Fat burning value: jogging: 420 calories / hour; walking: 240 calories / hour.

Fat Burning Outdoor Sports

Golf has always been regarded as a gentleman’s sport. In fact, it is also suitable for women. The beautiful court environment and the moderate amount of exercise allow you to exercise both physically and mentally.
Sports effect: This sport is closely combined with walking. In an 18-hole course, you can walk 6-8 kilometers; the swing action helps your body stretch; in addition, it is beautiful The stadium will make you feel better.
Fat burning value: about 270 calories/hour, the time of one round is about 3 hours, so it can burn 810 calories.


This is a sport we can’t be more familiar with. It effectively integrates fitness with our daily life, that is, it does not take up our extra time.
Exercise effect: This is an easy-to-persist exercise method that can exercise your leg joints and thigh muscles, and it is also effective for the exercise of the foot and ankle joints. It also helps your blood circulation system.

Exercise is indeed hard work, but for the health of female friends, stick to it. Maybe it can help you get unexpected fitness effects.


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