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Can Fasting Run In The Morning To Burn Fat? Experts Don’t Think So

Can Fasting Run In The Morning To Burn Fat?

Many people get up and run every morning in order to lose weight. After insisting for a month, they find that their weight has not changed at all. It is said that this method of weight loss is “run on an empty stomach in the morning to burn more fat”. But from practice, it doesn’t seem to be reliable.


The reason for this weight loss method is that after a night of sleep, the glycogen in the body has been exhausted. After running in the morning, the body can only directly consume fat to provide calories. This reason sounds reasonable, but experts don’t think so.

Can Fasting Run In The Morning To Burn Fat

Generally speaking, ordinary people’s blood contains about 5 grams of sugar, liver contains about 100 grams of liver glycogen, and muscle contains about 400 grams of muscle glycogen. The body’s sugar is mainly composed of these three parts. They can all be The human body provides heat. When the human body is in a resting state, the calories consumed are about 1 kcal / kg of body weight / hour, and the level of calories consumed during deep sleep is even lower than this standard. Even if the caloric consumption is 1 kcal / kg of body weight / hour while asleep, for example, if an adult male weighs 60 kg and sleeps for 8 hours at night, the energy consumed is 480 kcal. Assuming that all of the 480 calories are powered by sugar, and 1 gram of sugar can provide 4 calories, then sleeping at night can consume up to 120 grams of sugar, which is far from being consumed.


Do runners see clearly? After a full night’s sleep, less than a quarter of the sugar in the body is consumed. This is also an ideal value calculated assuming that the body is completely powered by sugar breakdown during sleep. In fact, nearly half of the 480 calories in sleep are provided by lipolysis, which means that an overnight sleep actually consumes about 60 grams of sugar. So there is no scientific basis for the statement that “morning running in the morning depends entirely on fat consumption”. Morning jogging is still powered by a mixture of sugar and fat. At present, there is not enough scientific evidence to prove that morning jogging is more conducive to burning fat.


It is not feasible to lose weight by running in the morning on an empty stomach, but this habit is still good. For example, it helps to develop a good habit of going to bed early and getting up early.


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