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7-Day Fast-Slimming Yoga Helps You Lose Your Ideal Shape Quickly

7-Day Fast-Slimming Yoga Helps You Lose Your Ideal Shape Quickly

Yoga is a kind of exercise that we are all familiar with. It can cultivate our body and mind, and also help us to accelerate our body’s metabolism, help to expel waste from the body, and make our body better. If you want a realistic figure, you must not have fat, then you must quickly lose weight. Today we will teach everyone to lose weight yoga-7 days fast-acting weight loss yoga, learn it quickly.


7-Day Fast-Slimming Yoga
1.Lower dog style
Hold your hands and feet on the ground, slowly lift your body into an inverted “V” shape, with the palms of your hands separated from your shoulders, your feet from your hips, and the heels of your feet facing backwards so that the heels, toes, and hips On the same plane, then keep your head relaxed and maintain this movement for 5 deep breaths. This is a classic movement of yoga that stretches the ligaments and allows you to exercise up and down the body.

7-Day Fast-Slimming Yoga

2.Single-Dog Canine
At first, the body is in a dog-like posture. Then, put your feet together and let your two thumbs rest together. Keep your left heel in contact with the ground. Then lift your right leg and bend your knees. Try to keep your right heel close to your hips. Stretch your knees up as far as you can, look up to the left, and bend and stretch your spine. Try to get your head and right heel closer. Keep doing this and take five deep breaths.


First, keep the dog-down posture, inhale, push your right leg between your hands, your right arm through the curved knee, hold your right ankle with both hands, keep the center of gravity, and insist on this posture to breathe deeply 5 times. If you are just starting to do this, if you feel the burden on the inner thigh is too heavy, you can support one hand or both hands on the floor.


The above is the 7-day fast-slimming yoga content we introduced to you. Girls who want to lose weight quickly will take a look. Yoga is different from other sports. It focuses on the cultivation of body and mind. It can help us lose weight, shape, body, meditation, and so on. Practicing more yoga movements can not only reduce weight, but also calm down the mood.



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