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How Exercise Helps Anxiety,Exercise Methods To Treat Anxiety And Depression

Exercise Methods To Treat Anxiety And Depression

Aerobic exercise can help the brain to fight depression and anxiety. Treatment principle: Promote the secretion of human endorphins, and can give people a sense of euphoria and have a unique effect on reducing psychological stress.


1. Many people don’t like sports, so what to do. What is the minimum amount of exercise? It is recommended that it must be 30 ~ 60 minutes.


2. Find a sport that you like, and when you are tired, if you do n’t like it, and do n’t want to move, find the sport in the shortest time.

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3. The effect of aerobic exercise is very good. In the beginning, it should be carried out step by step. Every five days-rest.


4.Recommended aerobic exercise (at least 30 minutes before the level of endorphin can rise):
 ①Swimming (full exercise, the best effect. As long as swimming for 30 minutes is enough, of course, you love to play a little more and better, the disadvantage is that there is more preparation, there are venue requirements)

 ② Sports balls (except for billiards, others generally produce more joy, and it is easy to stick to it. The disadvantage is that there are partners and venue requirements)

③ Rope skipping for 30 minutes (1000 times a day, the shortest time, the best effect, without any restrictions, the disadvantage is tired, you have to jump according to your own situation, do what you can jump in a gradual way, some people will have insufficient blood supply)

④ Jogging for 1 hour (speed 6 to 8 km / h, specific precautions can be Baidu)

⑤Brisk walking for 2 hours (speed 4 to 6 km / h, specific precautions can be Baidu)

⑥ Aerobics for 1 hour (with rhythm, momentum, and effect, the disadvantage is that the venue and coach are needed)

⑦ Mountain climbing (those with conditions can consider, the disadvantage is that many people are far away from the mountain, which is inconvenient)

⑧ Others such as bicycles, roller skating, dancing, etc., as long as you are interested in a certain area, do it boldly.


5. Yoga is recommended for anaerobic exercise because the movements and breathing styles required by yoga are conducive to the recovery of anxiety and depression, but you need to find a professional teacher for guidance. Other anaerobic exercises such as sprinting, weightlifting, throwing, high jump, long jump, tug of war, push-ups, diving are not helpful for anxiety and depression.


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