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10 Benefits Of Sweating During Exercise. Have You Exercised Today?(1)

10 Benefits Of Sweating During Exercise.

More and more people are paying more attention to health in modern times, and exercise and fitness have become a favorite activity for most people. We all know that as long as you do some exercise for a long time, you will sweat. So, is it good to sweat during exercise?
 Benefits of sweating in sports


1, prevent colds
Sweating helps to fight tuberculosis and other pathogens. Antibacterial peptides in our sweat resist bacteria, fungi, and viruses, breaking down the cell membranes of bacteria. It is more efficient than antibiotics and can be naturally activated against germs, especially in slightly acidic sweat.


2, prevention of stones
Sweat can help excrete salt in the body. These salts mainly refer to the precipitation of inorganic salts such as magnesium phosphate and retain calcium in bones. A physiological process like this can prevent excess salt and calcium from remaining in urine and kidneys. This is the principle of preventing stones. Many people choose to drink more water to help them sweat and to prevent stones.


3.Protect bones
Many people have problems with osteoporosis. This is because of the loss of calcium in the body. The method to prevent osteoporosis is exercise sweating. Sweating can retain calcium and prevent it from being excreted from the urine.

Sweating exercise

4, adjust blood pressure
After sweating during exercise, blood circulation is accelerated, capillaries are dilated, the elasticity of the blood vessel wall is increased, and the blood pressure is reduced. At the same time, sweating during exercise can also speed up blood circulation and help regulate the nervous system and the stability of the digestive function. Therefore, if you want to prevent high blood pressure, try to exercise more, sweating can help regulate blood pressure.


5. Improve memory
Sports sweating has a positive effect on the brain, helps improve memory, maintains energy concentration, and also promotes cells to a vigorous state.



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