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There Are Eight Ways To Skinny Legs(2)

There Are Eight Ways To Skinny Leg(2)

Skinny Leg exercise 5, jogging
I want to have a perfect leg shape. In addition to reducing sedentary, I use walking home after work every day to reduce the time spent in the car. Put on a pair of comfortable shoes, walk or jog home. Or you can get up an hour every morning for jogging. This kind of stovepipe exercise will not build strong muscles, but it is conducive to the training of sexy calves. It is worth trying! Under normal jogging intensity, each jogging time is 0.5-1 hour is sufficient. You ca n’t insist on it at the beginning, but you can reach this time gradually. Just jog frequently but not relax, at least 3 times a week.
Skinny leg exercise 6, lying on both feet with the ball
Lie down on the yoga mat with your yoga ball between your legs, adjust your breathing with the rhythm, lift your legs to the highest level as you inhale, and drop your legs back to the ground while breathing. When performing the previous action, straighten your feet in a tight state, and gather them inward. When clamping the yoga ball, try to use your calf as much as possible instead of your feet.

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Skinny Leg Exercises 7, Clamp Pillow Exercises
 The inner thigh muscles are the parts we usually use less often. So as long as you are negligent, you will attach fat. When standing with your feet close together, a little space above and below your thigh is the most beautiful leg shape. Let’s take this as the ultimate goal! Clamp the pillow between your knees. Push the pillow firmly inside the thigh, keep this position for 10 seconds to let go of your energy, and relax. This set of actions is repeated three times.
Skinny legs exercise 8, 90-degree handstand
Lie on the bed before going to bed at night. Keep your body straight, lift one leg up, and raise it as high as possible, 90 ° to the bed, repeat the movement 20 times, then move on the other side, and repeat until the thigh feels weak. This action is very simple, and it is enough to practice in bed at night. Keep doing it for 1-2 months, you will find that the muscles on the inner thighs become firmer and the legs are more beautiful.

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