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Can Lose Weight Walking?

Can Lose Weight Walking?

Walking to lose weight is now a sport that people like very much, because it is not limited, and you can walk fast or slow. You can adjust it yourself. But pay attention to a walking posture, if walking posture is wrong, no matter how many paths you can take, you will not lose weight.
Having a good posture to walk can not only help people lose weight but also make people more perfect. And walking is not controlled by time and space, it is a good way to lose weight.
Take big strides while walking, relax with your back straight, relax your abdomen, and don’t lift your butt. The exercise time should be more than 20 minutes. The strong walking method, swinging the arms greatly, it is advisable to take 100 steps per minute, which can not only exercise the arms but also burn fat significantly. Brisk walking and kicking method can not only lose weight but also play a health purpose.

Two people are walking to lose weight
Make sure to brisk walk at least three times a week, each lasting 20 minutes, and you should increase your pace during walking, swing your arms, raise your head and chest, feel a straight line above the heel, relax your shoulders, tighten your abdomen, Toe to heel order. Warm-up before walking. If your body shows signs of excessive exercises, such as a rapid heartbeat, reduce walking speed and walking time. After walking should be appropriate to relax activities, massage local muscle tissue.
Remember to adjust your breathing during exercise, do not make yourself breathless because of exercise. If you decide to lose weight, you must stick to it.

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