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Eight fitness foods you must eat for fitness.

Eight fitness foods you must eat for fitness.



After doing a lot of aerobic and strength training, you must ensure that you eat enough protein and carbon water to provide energy for your muscles. If you don’t have a healthy diet, you will lose a lot of muscles. Next, I will introduce eight fitness foods you must eat for fitness.


If you want to develop good-looking abdominal muscles, you can’t ignore protein intake! Eggs have the highest protein content of all foods.


2. Salmon
Salmon is rich in high-quality protein and fatty acids, which can reduce the decomposition of muscle protein after exercise and help build muscle.
Nutritionists point out: To build muscle, the body must store new protein faster than it consumes substances. And eating salmon can also reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes.


3. Almonds
Almonds have antioxidant vitamin E that is most easily absorbed by the body. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that can prevent muscle damage after high-intensity exercise and promote faster muscle growth.


4. Beef
Beef is one of the main sources of iron and zinc, and iron and zinc are key nutrients needed to build muscle. Every 450 grams of beef contains 2 grams of creatine. Creatine is very important for promoting muscle growth and providing energy to skeletal muscles.


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5. Yogurt
In the case of recovery and muscle growth after exercise, yogurt is the best combination of protein and carbohydrates. And yogurt with fruit can increase insulin in the blood and reduce protein loss after exercise.


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6.Olive oil
Olive oil contains monounsaturated fat, which is an anti-metabolic nutrient, good for health, and has more anti-free radical vitamin E than pure food. Intake of olive oil can also reduce the risk of heart disease, colon cancer, diabetes and osteoporosis.


7. Chicken breast
Chicken breast is low in calories, low in fat, and high in protein, making it a must-have for fitness meals.


8. Potatoes
The fat content of potatoes is very low, a good source of dietary fiber. A medium-sized potato with skin (148 grams) has a total carbohydrate content of up to 26 grams and contains no fat and cholesterol. At the same time, the potassium content in potatoes is very rich, higher than bananas, and higher than ordinary cereals. Potassium helps maintain normal nerve impulse transmission, helps muscles contract normally, and prevents muscle spasms.


The above are the eight fitness foods that you must eat for fitness. I hope it will help you.



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