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Common ways to lose weight with exercise.

Common ways to lose weight with exercise.



There are many ways to lose weight through exercise. Here are a few common ways to lose weight and matters needing attention.



1. Walking, the speed is less than 2 km/h


Obesity is the result of a lack of exercise. Many people blame obesity simply on sweets or one-sided food. The food itself does not matter whether it is good or bad. The key is to consume excess energy in time through exercise to achieve a dynamic eating balance. Whether it is overweight, obese, or people within the normal weight range, they need to exercise to maintain their health, not only overweight people need to exercise. Brisk walking for 30 minutes a day is the best way to stay healthy.


Pay attention to the following points when walking:

(1) When walking, your abdomen should be slightly retracted. The movements of tucking the abdomen and raising the chest are naturally linked together. Only when the body’s center of gravity leans forward slightly so that it falls just in front of the spine, can a sense of advancement be produced psychologically.

(2) When walking, you should raise your head and chest, never lift your head forward, and don’t lean back. The upper body should remain relatively stable and do not sway from side to side. The swing range of the hand should also be compatible with the speed. If the head is tilted forward or backward, the body swings too much left and right, the swing range of the hand is too large, etc., it may cause the “center of gravity shift”, and the walking posture becomes a swaying swing. Unstable.

(3) The gait should be light. The walking is light, one is to be agile, and the other is to give people a relaxed feeling. From an aesthetic point of view, the forefoot first touches the ground, which can reduce the swing and bumps of the whole body, giving a sense of lightness.



2. Gentle stretching exercises


Although stretching has an important role in maintaining and developing the flexibility of exercisers, it is also an indispensable activity for our fitness athletes in fitness activities. However, if you exercise improperly during stretching exercises, you will not only improve your exercises. The flexibility of the person can even cause sports injuries.


When doing stretching exercises, you need to pay attention to the following points:

(1) Before doing stretching exercises, you must do the necessary preparations.

(2) When performing stretching exercises, pay attention to the reasonable grasp of the method, duration, frequency and intensity of the stretching.

(3) When doing stretching exercises, follow the principle of gradual and orderly progress.



common ways to lose weight


3. A cup of chocolate tea after a meal


Tea-tasting people can gain the gods by only tasting tea. One person tasting tea can enter the wonderful mood of forgetting the things and the two. The two people are “interested” in drinking, and everyone gathers to taste the “good”. The psychological effect of tea becomes the maintenance of physical and mental health. A panacea. After a meal, a cup of ancient prescription chocolate tea can eliminate greasily, decompose fat, and be healthy.



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