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Whether The Postpartum Repair Is To Wear A Belly Band Or A Body Shaper, Baoma Must Know

Whether The Postpartum Repair Is To Wear A Belly Band Or A Body Shaper

Everyone knows that pelvic expansion is caused by uterine transformation, so it is said that the butt is well-bred. During pregnancy, the pelvic floor muscles have been damaged to varying degrees. Due to changes in hormones, body weight, body circumference, and abdominal cavity volume, the pelvic floor muscles are constantly under pressure, and they will gradually relax, and the uterus will gradually increase. The pelvis expands. After the baby is born, the mother’s pelvis will deform. And if the pelvic recovery is not good after giving birth, it can not only lead to big buttocks, widened crotch, affect aesthetics, but also lead to low back pain and some gynecological diseases. Therefore, whether it is a normal or cesarean delivery, pelvic repair is required after delivery!

How to effectively repair the pelvis?
Some moms choose to use straps, and some moms rely more on body sculpting, so here is a simple comparison of their advantages and disadvantages for novice moms to make better choices.

A Belly Band Or A Body Shaper

1. Scope of application
The abdomen band is a kind of abdominal band that helps the abdomen with the help of physical methods. It is dedicated to postpartum and non-postpartum. Postpartum special is designed for postpartum abdominal muscle relaxation and preventing visceral sagging. Non-postpartum special is also called a girdle. It is aimed at people with abdominal hypertrophy. The main function of the body shaper is to adjust the fat distribution in the body and shape the beautiful curve. It has a significant effect on breast enhancement, abdomen reduction, waist reduction, hip raising, and beautiful legs. It is functional clothing.


2, comfort
Traditional girdles are prone to sweltering problems. If the tightness is not controlled properly, they are also easy to squeeze, and they bind the gastrointestinal and abdominal cavity, which will adversely affect the body. Most of the restraint bands in the workshop are heavy in chemical fiber and generally uncomfortable. They are prone to irritate the skin in the summer and tend to be stiff in the winter. The top elastic fabric of the body shaper combines single, double and triple layers of different pressurized structures. Feel, compact texture, easy to take care of, has a good skin-friendly, does not affect the ventilation at all!


3, wearing effect
The restraint band is effective locally, and at the same time, it will cause fat transfer in other parts, which will cause local obesity. The double-layer compression and waist-three-layer compression of the leg of the body shaping clothing will control the fat firmly. If you want to reduce fat, you can easily shape your whole body ~
After so many comparisons, I believe that the balance in the hearts of mothers has unconsciously inclined to shape clothes.
As a leader of comfortable body shapers, Xiomis body shapers are like “full body girdles”. The three-dimensional cutting material according to ergonomic principles is more in line with the human body structure, and it truly fits the charming curve. Italian SPA fabric, the elastic fabric is like the second layer of human skin, breathable and quick-drying, while giving the necessary pressure to the muscles, without restricting freedom of movement.

By double-pressing the abdomen, the loose and saggy fat accumulated in the waist and abdomen is tightened, thereby achieving the effect of a thin waist and abdomen. At the same time, wrapping the thighs and hips closely can not only raise the hip line, but also effectively sculpt the “peach hips”. The buttocks are lifted upright, and the legs are modified. Long-term wear will restore the beautiful hips of the past. You can also feel like you have no children!




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