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Kardashian Family “Thinnest” Ken Dou Hit The Streets, “Rubber rubber bodysuit” Show Figure

Kardashian Family “Thinnest” Ken Dou Hit The Streets, “Rubber Shaper” Show Figure

The 22-year-old supermodel Kendall Jenner has always been considered the most beautiful woman in the Kardashian family. There are no sisters with big breasts. Her tall and thin body put her on the road to modeling At 179 cm tall, she has a recognizable personality, and is loved by many young men and women. With a large number of fans on social networks, it has become a veritable super influencer.


She has a lot of fans. In such an information age, as a super influencer, she also makes good use of her social platform, and often publishes her own dynamics and things online, especially daily dressing. Her dressing style has been sought after by many netizens. However, Kendou’s dressing style is indeed worth learning, and it is fashionable and more every day.

Rubber Shaper

Recently, Kendall Jenner attends fashion events, generally attending such events, Ken Dou will surprise netizens, this time is not exclusive. This time, she also showed her good figure and temperament. Netizens have commented that the Kardashian family’s “leanest” Kendall Jenner is out on the street, wearing a “rubber shaper” to show his figure, and showing a bumpy feeling! Supermodel Kendou attended the event and wore a “rubber shaper”. His ribs were not like members of the Kardashian family.


Kendall Jenner chose a white dress for this event. The dress fabric is a rubber bodywear style that the Kardashian family sisters like very much. It can modify the figure very well and enlarge the proportion of the uneven figure. Other Kardashian sisters wear well to highlight the advantages of breasts and fat but Kendall Jenner wears well to highlight her tall, sexy and advanced feeling.


Kendall Jenner, who has a very good figure, even if wearing such a very simple dress, looks like he walks with wind and full of high sensitivity, so it ’s still thin to look good. Little friends remember to eat less and move more, good-looking clothes are beckoning to you!



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