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How To Wear Shapers Can Reduce The Harm.

How To Wear Shapers Can Reduce The Harm

The function of body shaping is to correct the body shape, adjust the distribution of body fat, and make the figure look beautiful and uniform in proportion according to the flow principle of fluid fat. Body sculpting is to make the body look perfect by pushing body fat. Long-term wear of the overall body will be improved, and the sculpting clothing is tighter, and it can also restrain the body, thereby controlling the appetite of the diet. This achieves the effect of weight loss, so will wear long-term tights affect the health of the body?


People who wear tights for a long time can cause breathing difficulties, chest tightness, headaches, body sourness, weakness, etc., but also affect blood circulation, cause the insufficient blood supply to the body, and easily cause pressure on the kidneys, spleen, and stomach, and liver The internal organs and nervous system in the body will be in a tense state for a long time, which will easily lead to reduced gastrointestinal function and cause symptoms such as constipation.

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And when wearing tights often, cautious panties will lead to the accumulation of secretions. Women are easily affected by gynecological diseases. The strong binding of body shaping clothing will directly affect blood circulation in many parts of the body, which will affect normal breathing movements and cause difficulty in breathing. Wait.


Siamese body shapers cannot be passed directly on, and you need to wear leggings outside, because the material of body shapers is special, but the vulva is often wet, which will provide a lot of powerful environment for anaerobic bacteria, which is easy to breed bacteria can cause vaginitis, urinary tract infection and other diseases if worn directly.


Do not wear tight body sculpting clothes during menstruation, because body sculpting can make the body’s blood circulation poor, local capillary pressure, increase the friction of the genitals, and easily cause symptoms such as congestion and edema of the genitals and irregular menstruation.


Do not wear tights when going to bed at night, which will cause unnecessary burden on the body. Long-wearing body shapers will not allow the skin to breathe normally, and it may easily cause edema of lower limbs and blockage of pores. Generally, do n’t wear tights more than 4 times a day. Hours, and not every day.


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