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5 Indoor Fitness Exercises For Office Workers

For office workers, going out to exercise is a rare possibility, staying at home after work. In fact, indoor fitness activities can also be carried out at home. So, what kind of indoor fitness exercises suit you?



1. Push-ups to exercise pectoral muscles

This indoor fitness exercise is mainly to exercise the pectoralis major. In the living room or dining area at home, find two single stools and place one on each side. Use both hands as a support, and leaning over on it is enough. Make a group of 12 and make three groups. Remember that when doing push-ups, keep your abdomen and chest tall, and stretch your chest as much as possible to make your chest muscles full and stylish. In addition, this action has the effect of correcting hunchback.


2. Sitting posture with abdomen and legs raised

This action is mainly to exercise the abdomen, place a single stool on the open space at home, sit on it, lift the legs with the strength of the abdomen, and cross the legs upwards. This reduces the excess fat in the abdomen and makes the abdominal muscles strong and perfect. Lift up 15 times at a time and do three sets. You can take a break in the middle, but it is not easy to be too long.


Indoor Fitness Exercises


3. Raise your hands to exercise your biceps

This action mainly exercises the hands. Just sit on a single bench at home and it can be done. It’s very simple. Use two unopened mineral water bottles as dumbbells and lift them up in parallel, but remember to keep your upper arms close to the torso when doing so, and fix the biceps with the power of the biceps to increase the hand strength. Make a group of 15 and make three groups.


4. Hold the wall and squat to exercise your legs

You need to choose a wall at home. While holding on to the wall, squat slowly with the strength of your legs. It is best to hold a small object in your hand. When you squat, you can exercise your legs and eliminate excess fat in your legs. , To make the shape of the legs look better. Make a group of 15 and make three groups.


5. Lean over and row to exercise your back

This indoor fitness exercise mainly exercises the back, not only increases strength but also reduces back fat and modifies the backline. Choose to stand in the middle of the house, hold two bottles of unopened mineral water in your hand, bend your knees slightly, collapse your waist, straighten your chest and cock your hips, rely on the strength of your back to lift the mineral water with your hands, and at the same time, retract your shoulders. Make a group of 12 and make three groups.


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