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How to prevent rebound after dieting to lose weight?

Diet to lose weight is a choice for many people because it can make the weight drop quickly in a short period of time. However, it also has a shortboard, which is easy to rebound. If you want to go on a diet without rebounding, you should pay attention to the method of weight loss. Re-eating should be carried out slowly. After re-eating, you should eat less than before weight loss, and exercise more.


Diet to lose weight



1. Weight loss does not rebound, depending on the weight loss method. Diet to lose weight, it is possible to lose water and muscle, so once you return to a normal diet, your weight will rise and quickly return to normal.

2. It takes a process for the amount of food during dieting to return to a normal diet. Cannot resume normal diet from dieting immediately, this will increase the burden on the digestive system. Moreover, the body will once again worry about the occurrence of “famine”, it will increase the stored energy, make the diet quickly return to normal, and the weight will easily rebound.

3. You don’t want to rebound when you lose weight. It should be clear that when you lose weight, your body’s need for food is definitely less than before weight loss. Therefore, the amount of food consumed after weight loss is definitely less than the amount of food before weight loss, especially within three months after the end of the diet.

4. Increase energy consumption. Just exercise more. You can walk and do more housework, swimming, running, etc. in the original amount of exercise every day. Increasing energy consumption and reducing energy accumulation in the body can naturally ensure that the weight does not increase and it is not easy to rebound.




Generally speaking, diet for five to seven days before starting to eat. When eating again, it is mainly dilute. At this time, you can eat steamed yam, sweet potatoes, bananas, apples, etc. Remember to steam it and don’t eat too much at once. You still need to drink plenty of water so that you can eat normally in another five to seven days. It is recommended that you better cooperate with exercise to lose weight, so that not only will the weight loss effect be better, it will also be better for your body. If you choose sports, you can choose a suitable set of shapers, welcome to our website to choose and buy.

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