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What Is The 21-day Weight-loss Method?

What Is The 21-day Weight-loss Method?

Nowadays, many people are pursuing the perfect body. Therefore, if they feel a little flat, they must try various ways to lose weight. What diets to lose weight, exercise to lose weight, take medicine to lose weight, and so on. Now there is a 21-day weight-loss method. Let’s take a look at what is the 21-day weight-loss method and how is the effect of the 21-day weight-loss method? Will it rebound?


What is the 21-day weight-loss method?

As the name implies, it is to achieve the effect of weight loss through reasonable diet control and meal planning within 21 days. The 21-day weight-loss method is a method of reducing weight without relying on drugs and exercise. However, weight loss through diet control may cause some damage to health, so many people dare not try it easily.

How about the 21-day weight-loss method?

The first stage: the first 3 days. Insist on drinking only water and not eating any food. So many people call it fasting therapy. Drink 8 large glasses of water every day, about 2500ml, you can also drink honey with water to add enough calories to the body. Consistently drink a cup of mild salt and warm water of about 25 degrees every morning, which can not only replenish water for the body but also promote the peristalsis of the intestinal tract, which can expel toxins in the body faster.


The second stage: 8 days in the middle. Don’t eat staple foods, eat vegetables and fruits to satisfy your hunger. I haven’t eaten food for 3 days. At this time, the stomach can be said to be empty. At this time, eat some fruits and vegetables that are good for digestion. So as to avoid indigestion or constipation. It should be noted that even if you only eat vegetables and fruits, you must control the amount. If you eat the staple food at this stage, it will lead to the abandonment of previous efforts.


The third stage: the last 10 days. You can start to eat the staple food, but be aware that you can only eat 60% full. Because after the first two stages of dieting, the stomach now has become smaller, and the stomach has become accustomed to the new appetite and diet. I usually have to eat two bowls to feel full, but now I only need one bowl. After the staple food is restored, you should not eat big fish and meat, but mainly fruits and vegetables.


Will the 21-day weight-loss method rebound?

The reason why it is called the 21-day weight-loss method is that after 21 days, people can form a new eating habit. Will not overeating, and can control the intake of staple food. Generally speaking, through the 21-day weight-loss method, people can lose weight quickly. Of course, if you want to lose weight better without rebounding, you can add 7 more days.


But what needs to be reminded is that during the fasting period, some people may experience vomiting, weakness, low blood sugar, and other manifestations due to only drinking water, so you must think carefully before acting and don’t force yourself too much. Of course, this method is a bit extreme, and it is generally not recommended. Weight loss still needs to be cyclical and gradually, so that the body can adapt slowly, and the harm will be less.

So choosing a reasonable method of weight loss is very important. Combining exercise with diet is a good method. Wearing a waist trainer during exercise can allow you to achieve better exercise results.


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