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Which Yoga Weight Loss Effect Better?

Which yoga weight loss effect better?

Yoga as an exercise can not only enhance physical fitness, but also promote fat burning, make your waist more slender, and reduce your fat quickly. Therefore, some women choose yoga to lose weight and have received good results. However, there are many exercises and types of yoga. Which yoga Weight loss effect better? Let’s take a look together.

1. Vinyasa Yoga:

This is a kind of yoga that many people choose. This kind of yoga movement is a gradual exercise, and the posture should be constantly changed during the exercise, and it has a certain sense of rhythm. Through non-stop exercise, it promotes body heat. Consumption, promote the decomposition of body fat, to achieve the goal of weight loss.

This Yoga Weight Loss Effect Better.

2. Hot Yoga:

This kind of yoga is quite special. It can only be performed at a certain temperature. The temperature requirement is 38 degrees to 40 degrees, and the humidity should reach 40 degrees. Such environmental conditions must be met to do yoga. We all know that in a high-temperature environment, the body’s metabolism is accelerated, the body will sweat a lot and consume a lot of energy. And this set of hot yoga also has a lot of movements, a total of 26 movements, as long as you finish these 26 movements in this hot environment, you can achieve the effect of weight loss, and these movements are not very violent, through some soft The action can reduce the fat, and it can also achieve the effect of shaping the body. At the same time, this kind of hot yoga can also promote the excretion of toxins from the body and make the body healthier. This kind of hot yoga can really kill three birds with one stone.

3. Ashtanga Yoga:

This type of yoga is a kind of exercise with high intensity. It has a lot of movements and a certain order. When doing this kind of yoga, you must not reverse the order. You can exercise your flexibility, endurance, and strength. The whole process can be Follow the rhythm of the yoga instructor, carefully do every movement, and must be in place to receive more satisfactory results.


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