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When is the best time to run at night?

Best Time To Run At Night

Night running is a sport with many effects, and many people are still familiar with it. If a person often does night running, it is helpful to the body. At the same time, night running is helpful to our health. When is the best time to run at night? How long is the best night run?

When is the best time to run at night?

The best time for night running is usually around 9 o’clock in the evening, but you can adjust it according to your own work and rest habits.
The night run is best started one hour after dinner, usually around 9 o’clock, or two hours before going to bed. The period between 8-9 o’clock should be the digestion process after a meal. Proper exercise can help digestion and avoid fat accumulation. However, strenuous exercise should be avoided at night. It takes a long time for the body to recover after overwork, which may affect the sleep that night and the state of the next day.

Best Time To Run At Night
How many kilometers is suitable for a run at night?

How many kilometers you run at night varies from person to person.
How many kilometers to run at night in winter is different from person to person. There is no uniform answer, but generally speaking, it is not necessary to pursue long-distance mileage. It is enough to run 3-5 kilometers. Running too much will cause physical fatigue and lead to For sports injuries, how many kilometers you run should be adjusted according to your own physical conditions and actual conditions. Don’t force yourself to run as far as you want. The key is persistence.

How long is the best for a run at night?

It is best to control night running at about 40-60 minutes.
Running can be said to be a good way to lose weight. Under aerobic metabolism, it can achieve the purpose of consuming excess body fat and losing weight. But the control of running time depends on your own body, not that the longer you run, the better the effect of fitness and weight loss.



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