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4 yoga moves suitable for summer, the more you practice, the thinner your waist.

4 Yoga Moves Suitable For Summer, Make Your Waist Thin.

In the hot summer, it seems that perspiration every day can detoxify the body, but the moisture in the air can easily “drain” into the pores. In this way, moisture will be stored in the body, and excessive moisture can easily lead to obesity. So, how to get rid of dampness in summer? Today I recommend 4 yoga moves to everyone, which can increase water metabolism, remove dampness and detoxification, and let you get thinner as you train. Let’s take a look!


Downward dog yoga, enter prone when practicing, spread your legs, keep your hips as wide as your hips, leave your heels off the ground, and raise your hips to the end; then bend your right knee until the knee reaches your right arm and straighten your instep. Down-dog exercises help to strengthen the waist and abdomen muscles and promote the burning of waist and abdomen fat, thereby restoring a tight waist. At the same time, it can also speed up the blood flow of the body, wick away sweat and remove dampness, and make your waist thinner with less effort.

4 yoga moves suitable for summer


One-legged wheel pose is a prone yoga move. Its practice can strengthen the muscles of the waist and abdomen, slim your waistline, make the spine more flexible, strengthen the spinal nerves, and can also promote blood circulation and remove body moisture. Get rid of stains and has a very good cosmetic effect. When practicing, lie on your back, bend your knees and retract your legs, your knees should be shoulder-width apart, your heels should be as close as possible to your hips, and your elbows should be bent and your fingertips should point toward your body. Off the ground, move your left foot to the right to support your body’s gravity.


Head into the double-legged yoga, this asana can also be said to be an enhanced version of the double-angle pose. In addition to relaxing the hip joints, moving the thighs, ankles and wrist joints, practicing this asana can also exercise waist muscles, reduce waist fat accumulation, and slim your waist. At the same time, it can speed up blood circulation in the body and eliminate moisture in the body faster. Skincare and beauty. When practicing, enter from the mountain standing position, leaning forward, arms shoulder-width apart, palms resting on the ground, and then extend your arms side by side through your legs, touching your palms to the ground, and try to put your head and shoulders together. Stretch back from the middle of your legs.


Pyramid yoga, practicing this movement continuously strengthens the strength of the arms, stretches the muscles of the legs, exercises the waist muscles, reduces the most fleshy accumulation of the waist and abdomen, and the headstand posture can effectively accelerate the blood flow and remove the moisture from the body. Toxins make your skin more white. When practicing, enter from the prone position, with your toes facing the ground, and your legs should be naturally separated at 60 degrees. Support your arms and hands on the ground. The hips are too high. Then look straight forward with your face backward, your neck bends, your waists bend naturally, and your chest is natural. Keep relaxed and press down hard with your shoulders.


The above are a few yoga moves suitable for summer, come and try!


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