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4 Sets Of Actions Let You Get Rid Of Big Thick Legs!

4 Sets Of Actions Let You Get Rid Of Big Thick Legs!

Having a pair of long and thin beautiful legs is the dream of many girls. The legs, an organ that occupies more than half of the body, are really important. Here are 4 sets of actions to get rid of thick thighs! Let’s learn stovepipe exercises together today~


Step 1:
First of all, we have to prepare a yoga blanket at home, without a yoga blanket, you can lie on the bed.
First, lie on the left side of the body on the blanket, bend the knees with the left leg, and gather the calf and thigh at 90° behind you; then while the toes of the right foot touch the ground, the left arm is bent and the elbow is folded to support the head, and the right hand is supported. Ground, lower waist.
Keep this position, raise your right leg up, and press the right foot in the opposite direction at the same time; keep this position for 5 seconds and repeat 7 times on both sides.

4 sets of actions let you get rid of big thick legs!


Step 2: Keep the upper body in the same motion as Step 1, straighten your left leg, and place your right foot on the ground in front of your left knee.
Then lift the left leg upwards, slower speed will have the effect, exert pressure on the sole of the right foot to keep the body from shaking and skewing; keep this position for 5 seconds, repeat the same left and right seven times.


Step 3: Spread your legs to the shoulder width and lie flat on the ground, keeping your whole body relaxed. Place your arms straight beside you naturally, and then your abdominal muscles sink.
Then the left leg bends and lifts, and the calf and thigh are brought together but don’t stick to each other, just keep the normal bending posture. Then hug the calf with both hands, press the toes of the left and right feet at the same time, and keep the breathing rhythm at the same time. It is ok to stay still for 5 seconds.


Step 4:
Lie on the ground with your whole body stretched, legs slightly open, soles of feet stretched straight, and insteps touching the ground; then the arms should be bent and stacked to support the forehead, shoulders should be raised, and the insteps, front of thighs, pelvis, abdomen, and chest should be close to the ground. The whole body is exerting force in this movement, and there must be a feeling of being dragged forward and backward.
After maintaining this posture, bend your right leg, raise your calf, and keep the upper and lower legs at 90°. Breathe for 10 seconds and do 7 times on each side. When doing this leg lift, you can obviously feel that the buttocks muscles become very tight; so doing it seriously, it is also very effective for shaping the buttocks~


There is no need to set aside time to do it every day, because the movements are simple and easy to remember, and it is completely stress-free before going to bed every day. After a month, everyone can see the changes in the legs!


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