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Several wrong fitness behaviours, it is best not to commit.

Several wrong fitness behaviours.

The most feared thing about fitness is not that the desired results are not obtained, but that injuries are caused during fitness, resulting in the suspension of training halfway, or causing irreversible injuries. During fitness training, you must master the basics of fitness, and don’t let yourself get worse as you practice.


Several wrong fitness behaviors, you are hurting yourself!
1. Blind comparison, the pursuit of heavyweight, no protective measures
When performing heavy weight training, the accident rate will greatly increase, even experienced fitness coaches are no exception. For beginners to avoid comparisons, learning standard moves is the most important, and weight needs to be gradual.
When carrying heavyweights, there must be protective measures, such as knee braces, waist braces, etc., when necessary, people should assist in protection to prevent yourself from being injured.


2. Insufficient protein supplement
During fitness, the body’s demand for protein will increase. Without protein supplements and the help of carbon water, the muscles will not grow full and thick, and the fitness muscle growth cycle will be extended.
You need to consume 1.5-2g of protein per kilogram of body weight per day. For example, if your weight is 60KG, at least 90g of protein should be added during the day of muscle gain. You can get it from protein powder, eggs, chicken breast, and other foods. Supplementing a little protein and carbohydrate food before and after fitness training can promote muscle repair and increase muscle growth rate.

wrong fitness behaviours

3. Exercise at the expense of sleep time
Too busy with work, there is no time to exercise, so exercise at night to sleep, thereby affecting sleep time, such behaviour is undesirable. Rest is also an important part of muscle growth repair. Without enough rest, the body’s resistance will decline, the mental state will deteriorate, and the muscle growth rate will also slow down.
Rest is more important than fitness. Do not sacrifice sleep time to exercise. You can use a trivial time during the day to exercise. Sleep at night should not be later than 24:00. It is best to fall asleep before 23:00.


4. Take a bath immediately after fitness
Many people feel sweaty after sweating, and the smell of sweat can’t stand it, so take a bath immediately after a workout. This is also a way of hurting the body. After exercise, the pores of the body expand, the immunity decreases, the bacteria easily invade, and it is easy to get sick after bathing.
A healthy practice is to do a set of stretching and relaxation training after fitness to improve muscle elasticity and relieve muscle congestion. Then wait until the body’s heart rate drops and the body does not sweat. Take a bath for about half an hour. It should not be too cold or too hot during bathing heat.


5. Frequent exercise of target muscle groups
How many times a week do you exercise your chest muscles, arms, back muscles and other muscle groups? The combination of work and rest is very important. Daily punch training does not allow the body to be well repaired. The muscles will be in a sore and torn state and the growth rate will also decrease.
The target muscle group needs to leave enough time to repair after each training. The back muscles, thighs, gluteal muscles, and pectoral muscles need to rest for 3 days before the next round of training. Arms, shoulders, abdominal muscles and other muscle groups need to rest 2 The next round of training will take place in days.



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