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A Woman Wears A Waist Trainer For Three Years, You Can See The Effect

A Woman Wears A Waist Trainer For Three Years

Time flows inadvertently from your fingers, and the former grid is covered with spider’s footprints.It is busy netting, dusting every step we take, only some places are clear and easy to see, some are But it is vague, this is the shiny gold covered with dust, it requires us to taste, to know its true value, and this is growth. This woman is a German, 24 years old, named Michelle, She has been very dissatisfied with her figure, especially her waist, which is too thick, so she put on a tailor-made bodywear for three years, and then her waist became thinner and thinner.


She wears it every day, including when eating and sleeping. It is no exception to say that wearing it, can you eat? In this way, she hasn’t taken off after wearing it for three years. Her waistline has thinned to 40.6 centimeters, which is already a super-thin bee waist. She has a goal and wants to break the 35.6cm waist record maintained by American Casey Jung, so that she can be more perfect.

A woman wears a waist trainer for three years

It can be seen that the waist trainer can indeed play the role of body shape. If you use the body shaper reasonably, you will have a good figure. So how to choose the body shaper with the most obvious effect of weight loss?
1. Pay attention to the material: when choosing, pay attention to the material, because the body sculpt is the second layer of the skin of the mother and wears it for 8-10 hours a day, so choose to be gentle, breathable and able to wick away sweat.
2. Activity comfort of the armpit: If the armpit feels uncomfortable, it will affect the blood circulation of the hand.
3, plus a traditional bra strap: this honor leads to extra pressure on the uneven back.
4. Turner technology for cutting and sewing: Turner sewing processing, in addition to aesthetics, must be strong and durable, without raised seams. This lathe joining technology can maintain the elastic life of the body sculpting garment for more than 2 years.
5. Use a neutral detergent for cleaning: rubbing and kneading, the two shoulder straps can be rubbed and washed with each other. Try not to dehydrate after washing by hand, just lay it dry with a clothes net. Whether it is hand-washing or machine-washing, be sure to fasten the zipper and the hook before washing, so as to avoid sculpting clothes when washing.


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