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Kim Kardashian’s Own Brand Skims Bodywear Out Of Stock, Design Controversy

Kim Kardashian’s Own Brand Skims Bodywear Out Of Stock, Design Controversy

Kim Kardashian’s personal design of the “Skims” brand bodywear series was a great success last year, generating 2 million US dollars in sales in 2 minutes, even a difficult one. However, the sale of “Skims” bodybuilding clothes still largely depends on the celebrity effect. You know, in addition to Grandpa’s wife, Kim Kardashian is also a well-known active figure in the American fashion industry and entertainment industry, and her sexy hourglass figure and hype ability are hard to find. With so many “hats” above her head, it is enough to make the shapewear brand she created out of stock.


There is no doubt that the celebrity effect can bring goods in a short period of time, but the focus of the lasting brand is on user experience. However, after the “Skims” brand bodywear series was sold, many people directly spit out various problems on the social platform, such as the size is too small to wear, curling, and the effect of belly shaping is not obvious. Even the well-known blogger Louane on the tubing also spit out the sculpting clothes, making people doubt whether the data behind the “Skims” sale is true.

Kim Kardashian's Own Brand Skims Bodywear, Design Controversy

And from the design of “Skims”, it is indeed “anti-human”. Even Kardashian herself recently stated publicly in TalkShow that she regretted not designing a hole in the shaper that can be used for small solutions, and this situation directly caused women’s daily wear and tear. She also revealed that when she participated in the 2019 Met Gala show, there was no way to go to the bathroom.


Many women commonly have problems with waist and abdomen cellulite, hips that are not upright, and side milk. Women who know how to wear body shapers understand that the shape effect of the body shapers is even better. It has a strong wrapping property and can evenly distribute excess cellulite to other parts, highlighting the body curve. However, most bodywear brands including “Skims” only notice the above problems, but ignore a more important situation. One-piece bodywear without pee holes is very inconvenient to put on and take off. In particular, Bao Ma who eats shortly after giving birth will eat a lot of diuretic foods, and want to go to the bathroom shortly after. Some OLs often attend business meetings or go on business trips. Wearing such body shapers will be awkward. It seems that Kardashian’s status as a celebrity made her “inhumane fireworks” and did not understand the true needs of women.

Therefore, to make a good fit for women, we must be aware of women’s immediate needs.



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