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Why Should I Wear Faja After Liposuction?


Why Should I Wear Faja After LiposuctionYang Qinghua, director of Beijing Plastic Surgery Department, said that after liposuction, many people will be required to wear medical shapewear. I believe that many people think that it is unnecessary to wear body shaping pants, or that wearing them or not will have no effect on postoperative recovery. In fact, this is a very wrong idea!

Why should I wear faja after liposuction?

1. Pain relief:

Pain relief is the most important role of faja in the early postoperative period.

After liposuction, due to the trauma of the fat layer, a slight slip of the skin will cause pain. At this time, the shapewear fixes the skin well, which can reduce the vibration of the skin during exercise, etc., which can greatly reduce the pain and make the beauty seeker less painful.

2. Fixed:

Prevents sagging of the skin, causing the formation of lines or cellulite.

Faja can resist gravity and can also be pressurized to fix the skin fat layer in the correct position. After a certain period of time, the skin fat layer can adhere to the deep tissue at a tangential position, avoiding loosening and sagging of the skin, and preventing the formation of lines.

3. Detumescence:

The faja compacts the tissue and can promote the absorption of swelling fluid.

After liposuction, there will be too much fluid left in the extracellular space, which may cause local edema after liposuction. After the elastic garment compresses it, no space will be left, which can promote the absorption of swelling fluid , impede effusion reflux.

4. Shaping:

The continuous pressure of the faja has a shaping effect on the fat.

It can evenly distribute the residual fat particles, so as to help the skin to quickly restore smoothness and firmness after liposuction. That is to say, it can help to repair some slight unevenness, which is to make your original loose fat particles firmer, but if the unevenness is serious during the doctor’s operation, the repair effect will not be so obvious.

How to wear medical shapewear after liposuction?

Director Yang Qinghua of Beijing Plastic Surgery Department especially emphasized that the shapewear worn is not ordinary shapewear on the market, but medical shapewear. Its fabric and design are different from ordinary shapewear. The fabric must be antibacterial and antiseptic. The pressure must be fixed and pressurized without affecting the venous and lymphatic reflux. More importantly, the designed style can be applied to different liposuction sites, and it is easy to put on and take off.

If you have undergone liposuction surgery or other cosmetic surgery, you need to insist on wearing faja every day within one month after the operation, try to wear it during the day and at night, and you can wear it for more than 12 hours a day after one month of operation, insist on 3-6 1 month, the longer you wear it, the better the effect. Make sure to follow your doctor’s recommendations for proper fit and use of shapewear for better recovery.

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