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Shapewear Buying Guide

Shapewear Buying Guide

In our pursuit of health, confidence and good shape, we often look for ways to achieve these goals. Among them, as a simple and effective tool, shapewear is gradually winning the favor of more and more people. Whether looking to look our best for a special occasion or looking to shape our bodies better for everyday life, shapewear offers us an option. In this article, we’ll explore how to choose the shapewear that’s right for you, helping you better understand the product and make informed decisions that will give you confidence and comfort every day.

Measure Your Body Shape Before Buying Shapewear
The tighter the shapewear, the better. It must fit all parts of the body evenly, so that the whole body can get the same pressure. This pressure can massage the fat, so that the subcutaneous fat can be evenly distributed. Too tight shapewear will cause discomfort due to too much pressure, and even cause edema due to lymphatic compression.

Therefore, before buying, you must first clarify your height, weight and measurements, and choose the appropriate size based on this, and don’t trust “one size fits all” shapewear.

What basic qualities should a good shapewear have?

Just looking at the price is irrational!

Since it is used for shaping

Of course, it is judged by the wearing effect and comfort

01, No curling
Shapewear with curled edges can cause uneven cellulite.

02, Bule
Shapewear that is too tight and unevenly applied can compress blood circulation.

03, Good Elasticity
Shapewear that loosens after a few wears won’t do much to shape your body, and shapewear that doesn’t stretch can often leave you feeling out of breath.

04. Good air permeability and moisture drainage
The stuffy and sticky experience is truly torture!

05, Good Flexibility
The hard body sculpting material will not only make you move your hands and feet as if you are wearing armor, but also prick your flesh if you are not careful~

06. Tailoring in line with the body curve
One-piece shapewear is the best of all body shaping products, but poorly cut shapewear will only make your figure worse.

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