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Where does fitness start?

Where does fitness start?



Fitness is very helpful to the body, but how to exercise? How to exercise? Where does fitness start?



First of all, fitness must be appropriate, not blind fitness. Beginners should follow the order of chest, back, shoulders, arms, legs, and core when exercising. Therefore, fitness should start from the front or back.



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At the beginning of training, many exercises require coordination of the shoulders and arms. Therefore, you need to keep your shoulders and arms in a firm state to get a better training effect.



After the upper body training is completed, the lower body training can be carried out. This order was chosen because the training intensity of the lower body is relatively high. If you start training the lower body first, it is easy to consume the strength of the entire body, and the upper body cannot be trained. The heart that supplies blood to the body is located in the upper body, and the upper body is trained first. This heats the congestion of the skeletal muscles, thereby avoiding a lot of exercise during exercise, which can damage the heart of the body.



The core parts of the body are the waist and abdomen. Reserved for the last training to provide a stable exercise effect. If you exercise the core part first, it will affect the stability of the movement and damage the waist when you exercise other parts. A lot of pressure.



When you first start training, make sure not to start training with small muscle groups, but try to train larger muscle groups. This is because training small muscle groups not only has a sculpting effect and an average fat reduction effect but also has a poor modification effect on the details of fitness goals.



Therefore, fitness generally starts from the upper body and starts with the large muscle groups. This is not only helpful for the fitness effect but also does not hurt itself.



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