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Why fitness is good for mental health?

Why fitness is good for mental health?


Nowadays, there are more and more people paying attention to health, and the number of fitness people has been on the upward trend. Fitness is very helpful to us, it can improve immunity, prevent diseases, and so on. On another level, fitness itself also plays a certain role in relieving stress. Why fitness is good for mental health?



1. Fitness makes people happier


Scientific research has found that exercise itself can promote endocrine changes in the human body. The brain produces a substance called endorphins after exercise. The mood of a person is related to the number of endorphins secreted in the brain. Exercise can stimulate the secretion of endorphins. When the exercise reaches a certain amount, the secretion of endorphins increases. Under the excitation of endorphins, people’s bodies and minds are in a relaxed and happy state.


Endorphins are therefore also called “happiness hormones”, which can make people feel happy and satisfied and can help people to relieve stress and unhappiness.



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2. Fitness can relieve psychological pressure


Psychologists believe that exercise can reduce the psychological burden caused by excessive mental stress, which is the same as releasing and catharsis through “falling things, shouting and crying” when people are in a down mood. The purpose of reducing or eliminating psychological pressure.


When we encounter psychological pressure, choosing to meditate for a long time and exhaustively will cause physical discomfort and psychological fatigue. Fitness can temporarily forget our worries and change the bad stimuli, which can make you nervous, anxious, and uneasy. Emotional state is improved, psychological endurance is improved, and adaptability is enhanced.



3. Fitness can improve self-efficacy


Self-efficacy is the degree of confidence that people can use their own skills to complete a certain work behavior.


In sports, we need to constantly overcome objective difficulties (environment, difficulty, accidents, etc.) and subjective difficulties (faintness, withdrawal, unconfidence, etc.) to do sports. If we continue to practice, train and hone, we can get With affirmation, admiration, and envy, one will inevitably get the cognition and peak experience of self-success.




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