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What Is The Weekly Muscle Training Plan?

The Weekly Muscle Training Plan.

There are training methods for how to train muscles, and the training results of muscle training methods are very good, and some people make some plans to better train muscles. Of course, this can also be used to train muscles better How about the training schedule, I believe many people do not know. So, what is the weekly muscle training plan? Let’s take a look below.


 Monday and Wednesday: Push-ups + abdominal curling
We choose to do push-ups and roll-ups on Monday and Wednesday. The push-ups exercise is mainly to exercise our chest muscles and back muscles and arm muscles, while the abdominal curling exercise can better exercise our abdomen so that we have comprehensive training for our body. At the same time, we should also pay attention to a good diet. It is best to choose low-calorie foods. The main food can be replaced by corn. At the same time, we can supplement protein through yogurt eggs.

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Tuesday and Friday: squat + sit-ups
The squat is mainly to exercise our buttocks and leg muscles. This movement is relatively simple, we can choose to do more groups during the exercise so that the exercise effect is better. Sit-ups are mainly to exercise our abdomen. Exercises for abdominal muscles need to be performed every day, so we can choose to do sit-ups on Tuesday and Thursday. At the same time, we should also pay attention to the diet at dinner, you can choose oatmeal and fruit salad, so that it can not only supplement energy but also reduce calorie intake.


Thursday, Saturday: pull-ups + jogging
Pull-ups are a strength-training exercise that mainly exercises the back of our arms and chest muscles. It needs a certain foundation to complete, so we choose two days to exercise together, which can not only play the role of muscle training but also balance The coordination of our bodies. At the same time, after training the human body upwards, our body is relatively fatigued, so we can perform jogging, the movement is relatively simple and the amount of exercise is not so large.


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