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Simple And Effective Novice Endurance Training Program.

Novice Endurance Training Program.

For newcomers to fitness, in fact not only strength training but also endurance training. Between the two, in fact, endurance training is more important, because only let the muscles adapt to the long-term exercise, can you start to increase the weight, ensure the exercise effect, and avoid sports injuries, but the endurance of novices is usually not as good as experienced people It must also be done step by step. Here are some endurance training program for novices to help everyone improve their endurance as soon as possible.


 Plan one: Jogging
Novices want to train endurance, in fact, the simplest is some stretching exercises, plus half an hour to an hour of jogging. In fact, it doesn’t matter when you run down. Run in the morning when you have time in the morning, and run at night when you have time in the evening. But the length of each time must be guaranteed. Because the short time will only train the explosive power of the muscles, and will not reach the level of training endurance. If you want to effectively improve cardiopulmonary function and muscle tolerance, you must persevere for a long time and jog every day.

Endurance Training Program

Plan 2: Squat
Squat is also a relatively easy movement for novices. At the same time, it has relatively low requirements for the venue, as long as there is a place where you can stand. Squats can not only exercise endurance but also effectively train the muscles of the thighs and buttocks. It looks simple. In fact, it is very difficult to do it, especially for the standard movements. Although this movement is mainly to exercise the lower limbs, it is not suitable for people with the poor lumbar spine, but it is still very good for the average person.


Plan 3: Battle Rope
Although it has not been a long time since the introduction of battle ropes in the country, many gyms will now be equipped, which is a sport with many benefits. Even a novice can play for a long time. The most important thing is that it is a kind of exercise with a high degree of flexibility. It is faster and more intense. It can be an anaerobic exercise. It has an effect on muscle gain. Slower and longer, it can become aerobic. Exercise, the exercise of endurance is obvious.



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