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What Are The Disadvantages Of Wearing A Waist Trainer Belt?

What Are The Disadvantages Of Wearing A Waist Trainer Belt?

Wearing a waist trainer belt is a very popular way to a thin waist. Although it is very convenient to operate, the long-term use of a waist trainer belt may also cause damage to the body. Let’s take a look at the disadvantages of wearing a waist trainer belt.


What are the disadvantages of wearing a waist trainer belt?

Because the waist is a very important and fragile place for girls, the waistband will cause pressure on the waist. If this continues, it is prone to poor blood circulation and compression of organs, which will endanger your health.

1. Affect the functions of various human systems

This is where the waistband has the greatest impact on the human body. First, it affects blood circulation. The blood circulation system of the human body is divided into upper and lower parts, venous blood return is blocked, and the brain, heart, lungs, liver, kidney, and other important organs have a long-term insufficient blood supply. It can cause memory loss, headache, dizziness, and weakness of the limbs. Secondly, it has a huge impact on the respiratory system. There are two commonly used breathing modes, chest breathing, and abdominal breathing, and the waistband directly hinders the normal abdomen. Respiration leads to insufficient oxygen supply to the whole body, which can easily lead to dizziness and respiratory infections; and its compression on the abdominal cavity also hinders intestinal peristalsis, and weakens the digestion and absorption of food by the digestive organs, which can easily cause abdominal distension, Indigestion, and decreased appetite; after the kidneys are oppressed, blood circulation in the kidneys becomes obstructed, resulting in the inability to excrete toxic metabolites in the kidneys, which also leads to infections in the reproductive system.

before and after wearing a waist trainer belt

2. Affect uterine health

Fat is an extragonadal source. The adipose tissue in the female breast, abdomen, omentum, and long bone marrow can convert androgens into estrogen, so adipose tissue is an important extragonadal source of estrogen. After the girl is girded, the uterus is delayed due to insufficient blood supply, and even stops growing, forming a “naive uterus.”


3. The lumbar psoas muscle is injured, causing low back pain

Long-term squeeze and friction of the waistband on the 3rd to 5th lumbar vertebrae, long-term local ischemia, and hypoxia, are prone to injury, displacement, bone hyperplasia, low back pain, pain, numbness, and edema under the glue. Long-term compression of the sciatic nerve will cause sciatica. The waist trainer belt will also cause obstruction of blood circulation in the waist, muscle relaxation, and weakness, adhesion, and deformation, which can cause low back pain.


Precautions for using a waist trainer belt

1. Pay attention to the chemical fiber material: chemical fiber has a heavy smell and is generally uncomfortable. It is easy to stimulate skin allergies in summer, and it is easy to stiffen and generate static electricity in winter, especially for several sets, commonly known as “Zongzi abdominal belt”. , It is very inconvenient to use, so be sure to understand the ingredients contained in the product when buying.


2. Afraid of wrapping and squeezing: especially the wide and heavy waist trainer belt, some sets (commonly known as “Zongzi bellybands”) although the price is not expensive, in fact, most of them are chemical fiber and basically do not contain cotton, regardless of summer or winter They are not very easy to use. Bounding and squeezing the gastrointestinal and abdominal cavity is not good for the body.

3. No elasticity of pure cotton: Although pure cotton or gauze is breathable, it has no elasticity. It is too tight and uncomfortable, and it is not convenient to use.

4. Attention should be paid to the size of the abdominal belt: the size of the abdominal belt should be divided into large, medium, and small sizes. Many mothers are entangled because of the inconsistent size after buying it. It is recommended to choose the one size, which is naturally elastic.


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