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Fitness Needs a Long Time to Persist, Waist Trainer can Help You Exercise.

Fitness Needs a Long Time to Persist, Waist Trainer can Help You Exercise! 

Fitness is a sport, such as a variety of hand-painted aerobics, aerobics, gymnastics, and various self-resistance movements. Gymnastics can increase strength, flexibility, increase endurance, improve coordination, and control the body’s ability to strengthen the body. If you want to relieve stress, exercise at least 3 times a week. Swimming, brisk walking, jogging, cycling, and all aerobics can exercise your heart.

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The benefits of aerobic exercise are: exercise aerobic exercise, strengthen circulation, burn fat, increase lung capacity, lower blood pressure, and even prevent diabetes and reduce heart disease. The American College of Sports Medicine recommends that if you want to know if aerobic exercise is appropriate, you can test your heart rate after exercise to reach 60%-90% of your maximum heart rate. If you want to lose weight through aerobic exercise, you can choose low to medium exercise intensity while extending exercise time, which will consume more calories. The frequency of exercise is 3-5 times a week, 20-60 minutes each time.

If you want to exercise your muscles, you can do weight lifting, do gymnastics, and other exercises that repeatedly stretch and flex muscles. Muscle exercise can burn calories, increase bone density, reduce injuries, especially joint damage, and prevent osteoporosis. Perform a test before lifting weights. If you can lift up to eight times in a row, practice from this weight. When you can lift this weight 12 times in a row, try increasing the weight by 5%. Note that each exercise should be performed 8-12 times in a row, so that 70%-80% of the maximum endurance of the muscle can be achieved, and the exercise effect is better. 2-3 times a week, but avoid exercising the same muscle group for two consecutive days so that the muscles have enough recovery time.

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