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Why choose Tourmaline Waist Trainer Corset?

Why choose Tourmaline Waist Trainer Corset?


Waist Trainer Corset is to make the body shape perfectly by changing the fat, and the long-term wearing shape will be improved. At the same time, because the corset has a binding effect on the body, it helps women control appetite and achieve a slimming effect.
Tourmaline can be used for health benefits.
Tourmaline can be promoted metabolism. It regulates the central nervous system and the autonomic nervous system. It regulates the function of the cerebral cortex and has beneficial effects on heart rhythm and blood circulation, especially micro-circulation.
Tourmaline can be guaranteed that metabolism is normal;
It purifies the blood and removes toxins; it restores fatigue and ensures vigorous energy;
Tourmaline regulates the balance of the autonomic nervous system and ensures the proper functioning of internal organs.

Tourmaline can be enhanced disease resistance and reduce the incidence of disease; it can be relieved analgesia and calm; it can be also improved allergies and prevent the development of immune allergic diseases; it can be delayed aging and promote healthy longevity.


Some tourmaline gems, especially pink to red colored stones, are altered by heat treatment to improve their color. Overly dark red stones can be lightened by careful heat treatment. The pink color in manganese-containing near-colorless to pale pink stones can be greatly increased by irradiation with gamma-rays or electron beams. Irradiation is almost impossible to detect in tourmalines, and does not, currently, affect the value. Heavily included tourmalines, such as rubellite and Brazilian paraiba, are sometimes clarity-enhanced. A clarity-enhanced tourmaline (especially the Paraiba variety) is worth much less than a non-treated gem.

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